Research related to tracking is a fundamental tool for learning, both through the planning and execution of the research task, but also through the benefit of research results that others have completed. GTA is committed to supporting the growth of our own tracking skills and overall understanding of human sign by conducting research and writing research results for public use. Recognize that any research found on this site, whether from GTA members or from others, is for personal use and education only, and should not be reproduced or used in any forum withhout written permission. Contact GTA if you have questions on how to locate an author to obtain permission to reuse any of these materials or information.

Our research should generaly follow this form:

1. Primary research, meaning we will be generating knew data in most cases. Other forms of research (lost person behavior for instance) may require secondary research, but additional copyright entanglements may be created and our focus should be on advancing our knowledge of the recognition and interpretation of sign, as much as possible.

2. Empircal and follow the scientific method , meaning that we will use our own observation skills and experience, while focusing on a single hypothesis/Opinion and a single subject (or independent variable).

Don’t let this seem overwhelming, but in case you are interested, here is a typical model:

To boil this down to a “fill in the blank” format, please consider this attached presentation and don’t hesitate to comment under the category “research” on our team blog.



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