The Georgia DNR has released a smartphone app that appears to be a terrific tool for outdoorsman and provides special features that the SAR community may find useful.
There are two buttons across the top of the app that provide the ability to easily access google maps, with a “current location” tracking feature and even more useful, there is an option to share pin numbers with friends and track their location on the map for a specific period of time.
I hope this proves to be a great tool for our outdoorsman; with all the most relevant information at their fingertips related to outdoor hunting locations, rules and regulations, and I am even more hopeful this app will help reduce the quantity and duration of lost person emergencies in the state of Georgia.
Congratulations to GA DNR for putting this together during a time of signfiicant budget cuts and financial controls being implemented in their organization.
Please consider purchasing a Georgia “Friends” pass and hunting and fishing licenses to help our DNR team out.
Mark Young
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