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1. Remain Calm.
2. Gather the following information:
– name, age, weight and physical description of the lost subject[s]
– Contact information for yourself, family members or others with pertinent information
– any expected meetings, routines or activities the lost person[s] has missed
– place last seen and details surrounding the missing person[s]
– after calling 911, please try and identify what types of shoes the lost person was known to be wearing and gather a well worn pair of shoes for trackers to look at, even if they are a different type of shoe than the ones they are suspected to be wearing.

3. Call 911 and follow their directions
4. If you are the authority having jurisdiction for the emergency callout, consider calling 1-800-TRY-GEMA and inform them of the following:
– The nature of the incident
– Additional resources you may require
– Any special request or special circumstances that may be pertinent to this case
– Any other information they may request

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