(NOT an oxymoron)


From Tundra Comics (used with permission):




(another important use for visual tracking skills)

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resource Division, has issued the following notice:

Hunters, hikers, fishermen, golfers and tourists in general. Please take extra precautions and keep alert for alligators in the southern part of the state and bears in the northern part of the state.

They advised people to wear noise-producing devices such as little bells on their shoes and clothing to alert but not startle the bears and alligators unexpectedly. They also advised that carrying pepper spray may be helpful in case of an encounter with one of these predators.

It is also a good idea to watch for fresh signs of alligator and bear activity. People should learn to recognize the difference between small young alligator and bear droppings (or “scat”) and large adult alligator and bear droppings.

Young alligator and bear droppings are small and contain fish bones and possibly bird feathers. Adult droppings are larger with little bells in them and smell like pepper spray.


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