All photos used on the GTA website are believed to be either our own photos, used with permission, or borrowed from the public domain. We make a reasonable attempt to only include photos of persons who have agreed for us to take the photo as well. Unfortunately, we have built up photos from many sources through the years and what we believe to be our own, may be mixed with some we have received from others. Will Dotson, for example, is someone who has been very open with sharing photographs of sign and tracks and it is very possible that one or more of his photos may weave their way into this public forum. If you recognize any photo of yourself that you want removed, or any photo that  may be copyrighted or just originate from someone other than a GTA team member, please notify us and we will remove it or seek special permission,  as appropriate.

If you have a photo you think would be of interest to others, please forward it via email to Mark Young or Ken Hughey, webmaster at

Known Photo or Art Contributers:

GTA Team (especially Chris Harper)

Bob Brady

Del Morris

Will Dotson

Dr. Ken Miller

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