** UPDATE – SARCON 2010 has been Cancelled **

Georgia SARCON (Search & Rescue Conference) RETURNS on Jan 29-31, 2010 !!!!!!!!!

After a one year hiatus, the well received SARCON is returning to Georgia.

This is an excellent opportunity to learn from fellow professionals in the Georgia SAR community.

Georgia Search & Rescue Trackers

Georgia Search & Rescue Trackers




– Friday night: KEYNOTE ADDRESS, Mark Eggeman, State SAR Coordinator Operations Division, Virginia Department of Emergency Management.

Mr. Eggeman will provide insight into the well established Virginia State Search and Rescue program, and discuss the necessary steps to develop a broader SAR capability. He will also discuss how volunteers are best utilized in a statewide SAR program.

GROUP SESSION TWO – Saturday night: Organized movie night. Fun-filled networking opportunity.


TRACK I – SAR Management

: The SAR management track is for those people who will actually be directing a search operation. This assumes you are with an agency that responds to search incidents or are preparing to join one. Prerequisites include FEMA online courses, NIMS ICS 100, 200 & 809. The course is designed to provide the skills necessary to properly initiate search operations and manage a growing search incident.

TRACK II – SAR Operations and Tactics:

This track is designed for those who understand basic search and rescue topics and desire to learn more about SAR operations, tactics and the SAR ready pack. Those wishing to challenge the NASAR SAR TECH II exam at the conclusion of this course may take the written NASAR certification test for an additional fee of $60/NASAR member, $75/Non-member, and participate in the practical skills review and ready-pack check. If attempting the NASAR SARTECH II certification, it is necessary that you are familiar with course materials, own the required 24-hour ready pack, and have all the required contents.

TRACK III – Intro to SAR:

This track is designed for those who would like an introduction into Search and Rescue topics. This will provide a high level overview and provide an opportunity to obtain NASAR SAR TECH III certification. Those wishing to challenge the NASAR SAR TECH III exam at the conclusion of this course may take the written NASAR certification test for an additional fee of $60/NASAR member, $75/Non-member. It is highly recommended that participants be familiar with course materials prior to the beginning of class and use this course only as a review if attempting certification

TRACK IV – Resources:

Plan to attend sessions in this Section in order to meet and learn from experts in areas that can support SAR efforts including: GEMA, GSAR, IMT, GSDF, GBI CAT, GTA and others. Specific times are not yet available and specific groups have not been finalized. These will be posted as soon as available.


Commercial vendors dealing in equipment used in the SAR environment will be invited to display their products and promote their services. Additionally, public safety agencies will be invited to offer equipment displays. Two sessions per day will be scheduled to conference participants to visit with vendors, in addition to regular meal and break periods.

If you are interested in Search & Rescue in Georgia, you need to be at SARCON 2010.

Click the link below to get the “Official” Registration form, with all the details, including the cost, lodging and other important info.

SARCON 2010 – Registration Form

If you see any of us staring intently down at the dirt :-), stop by and introduce yourself.  We want to meet you.

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4 Responses to “Georgia Search & Rescue Training – SARCON 2010”

  • Daisy Deems says:

    I’m interested in the SAR Tech II n I understand that the conference has been cancelled? Is conference rescheduled. Are there plans for local opportunity for testing?

    Thank you

  • markjyng says:

    Keep watching this blog, the GTA website and other avenues for further information Daisy, but yes, there will be opportunities scheduled for SAR Tech II in the state. No dates have been set yet but many are interested.

    Thanks for the question,


  • Do you have an email distribution list? If so, can I be added?
    Chatham Emergency Management Agency (Savannah area) has a NASAR II trained 12 person SAR team and is interested in training as well as deployment opportunities.

  • markjyng says:

    Thank you for the request and I will add you to our message board this afternoon.

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