In case you haven’t seen it, here is information on the NASAR FUNSAR class that is scheduled for Oct of 2009.  The class is not part of the regular GTA training and isn’t hosted by us, but it would benefit anyone involved in SAR tracking.  Note: Don’t forget we have scheduled Joel Hardin to teach a tracking class in early OCT as well!

717076_34608695If you’ve taken a FUNSAR class, please leave a COMMENT and let us know what you thought of it.

Here is the original email about the class :

A FUNSAR class is now on the schedule for the weekends of October 16-18 & October 30-November 1, 2009 in Cartersville, Ga. The registration deadline is September 1, 2009. Keep in mind that the spring class filled very quickly. I have posted registration forms, schedules, and other information at You’ll also find links to extensive FAQs on FUNSAR and SARTECH II there as well. The updated website also includes a RSS feed and an “AddThis” link for bookmarking and sharing pages from through email or with Twitter, Delicious, MySpace, and Facebook.

Please note that the spring class, scheduled for this weekend, has been full for some time.

I should also have a SARTECH II scheduled in north Georgia in October or November. I’ll add the information to the website at

Several other Georgia SAR resources are now compiled at Members of several SAR teams in Georgia and North Carolina helped me to compile FAQs or articles on:
-Georgia SAR
-SAR dogs in Georgia
-SAR ready pack equipment
-Tips for prospective SAR dog “subjects”.

Many of these were written to help SAR team presidents or points-of-contact address the volumes of questions that they get from aspiring members or dog handlers. Please feel free to forward to me any questions/answers that I should add to the FAQs.

Jim Greenway

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4 Responses to “Georgia FUNSAR Class scheduled”

  • Joel Barrett says:

    I just attended the first half of Jim Greenway’s FUNSAR class for SARTECH II. It was excellent coverage of the Fundamentals of Search and Rescue book. Jim went out of his way to cover the important parts of the book but, more importantly, injected real-world SAR experiences and knowledge into the presented concepts. Stuart Samples, also from ATSAR was in attendance as well. The two together provided valuable information that I’m looking forward to putting to use in the field — that happens during the next half of the course in two weeks. All-in-all, an excellent class thus far and I expect the rest will be too. Well worth the relatively low tuition fee.

  • Mona says:

    Well worth the time and fee. Jim is an excellent teacher and the materials covered were covered with the right mix of emphasis on the important and new concepts and breezing thru the familiar. Good group of students as well. The practical part of the training really provided some eye opening lessons on tough terrain and challenges of going off-trail and searching. Great experience.

  • Bruce Farrow says:

    I am prior military with advanced medical and basic SAR training, would like to contitue with this line. Need help finding a unit. I live in Palmetto, Ga. Thanks to all in advance for all the assistance.

  • markjyng says:

    Per our emails and phone conversation, I have invited you to the GTA private message board and introduced you to various SAR related groups and activities now, including SARCON 2010, which will be held the last week of January. Please let me know if there is anything further we should post here.

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