There are other pages we need on the site, including pages for blog posts (other than recent blog posts), contact us, privacy, etc.  These will be coming…..

At this point I’m interested in pages you would like to see and most importantly feedback on the overall look, feel and navigation.

We will be forthcoming with info on blogs  and how they work (for those that are new to blogs).

Leave your suggestions and comments about the new site here.


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3 Responses to “New Website Comments?”

  • admin says:

    I know I’m just playing around with the members page right now, but that approach may have some merit. I will leave it there until we get a membership addin that adds greater functionality, as planned.

    Also, what about categories? any insight into that Ken? I’m not seeing exactly how that works, although I’ve played with it a bit now. — Mark

  • Mona says:

    Great site! I will be busy reading for a while. Good content. How do we add pictures, etc? Will there be a forum for history buffs to discuss the history of Tracking and enlighten us newbies?

  • KenH says:

    Hey Mona,
    We’re working on some tools to allow easier upload of documents and such. Until we get those in place, you can send them to me ( ken (at) as an email attachment and I can place them into the photo section. Eventually all the members will have user id’s and you may be able to upload them that way as well.

    Also, once we have the membership access turned on, we should have a number of other bells and whistles available. 🙂


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